Hello world!

I’m back on my blogging game. We finally have wifi in our apartment-which means we can watch Netflix 24/7 and sit on social media even more than we already do. That’s married life, right? I also just bought myself Sims 3 so I’ll be playing that nonstop. 

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get a little bit more back into my blogging routine and cook up some tasty posts about the wedding and our new home. I’m sure you’re all dying to hear some details after not hearing anything from me for awhile. 

So originally I told you we’d be getting our internet set up on the 10th (yesterday). We had called CenturyLink and we were all on board. We patiently (at first) waited for the package with the modem to arrive. It didn’t come by USPS, UPS, or Fedex, so we decided by about 4 that we would hit up the casino. More on that experience will be shared later, I promise! So this morning we woke up and every time we heard something that sounded like a truck – we bolted to a window, hoping someone would be delivering our modem. I finally got pissed off enough with waiting that I asked Trevor to call CenturyLink and see if they could locate the package for us. To our dismay, they told us it wouldn’t be coming until the 24th. Thank God Trevor was on the phone and not me, because I would have given it to them! Anywho, we decided it would be best to venture over to Comcast and get some internet service going today. So here we are – we have wifi!

I’m excited to begin sharing details from our wedding and our time moving into our lovely place here in Saint Paul. I’ll also begin filling you in on our mini honeymoon too!

XO Elisebeth


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