Spectacular Monday

Wow – I am one awful blogger right now.

It’s officially our wedding week! I woke up this morning invigorated and motivated to take on everything today has to offer. That rarely happens, especially on a Monday! But in less than a week you can call me Mrs. Rodriguez, so I’m kinda pumped.

So what have I finished on this spectacular Monday?

Last night I got the basics to our chalkboard program done, so this morning I finished it. It’s looking mighty fine!

I also did the “wedding itinerary” sign. It’s not quite finished, but I’ll finish it either later tonight or tomorrow.

I made my weekly stop at Hobby Lobby, too! The other night I was talking with my mom and we decided we wanted to add ribbon to the mason jars. So I ventured over to Hob Lob today to make that purchase. I also bought a miniature chalkboard and some super stellar chalk pencils!

Once I got home I wrote on the miniature chalkboard, “Do you Instagram? Use the hashtag: #adventuresoftande”. So if you’re bored next weekend, search the # and see what’s up in my life!

On the agenda for the rest of today? Trevor and I have a meeting with our photographer to sign some paperwork and to pay her. I also have to develop the weekend timeline. In addition to that, I have a few more escort cards to finish and stickers to put on the jellies!

Like I said, it’s wedding week – so I probably won’t be blogging too much. I have an incredibly long to-do list, but I’ll try to get another post out to you all later in the week to tell you a little bit about my bachelorette party (which is tomorrow)!

XO Elisebeth


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