Bridal Shower

I’m so sorry this post is so overdue! But better late than never, right? 

Last Sunday, July 12 my lovely bridesmaids and my mother hosted a bridal shower for me! It was held at my house that afternoon. I helped with a lot of the planning since Katherine was out of the country for several days leading up to it. 

Ana and I met for a planning meeting a little over a week in advance. I’m so blessed to have her in my wedding party! We always have a blast together!  

We came up with a hefty list of candy for the candy bar and my mom purchased most of it the next day. Here’s just some of the delicious goodies!

Enough for a decent cavity, eh? 

We set most of the bridal shower up the day before when I finished work a few hours earlier than scheduled. Katherine helped quite a bit with that thankfully!  

The week before I bought an awesome chalkboard at Home Depot! So I made this beautiful sign on there. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon about that process.  The flowers in the close up below were added after the original full sign picture was taken. 

Not only was there a candy bar, we also had a photo booth! Here are some of my favorite pictures from there:  

Ana, Katherine, Bekah, and Me
Trevor’s mom, Allison, & sister, Devon
Trevor’s sister, Cameron, & grandma, Judy
Trevor’s sisters, Devon & Cameron, & mom, Allison
Ana, Bekah, & Me

A good time was had by all! A lot of games were played like, Bridal Pictionary, Guess the Bride’s Age, and others!

To see more wedding pictures on Instagram, search the hashtag: #adventuresoftande  


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