Engagement Pictures

Trevor and I decided after we got engaged that we were going to do our own engagement pictures. This was due to our very specific style in edited pictures as well as to save some money. So we went out on two separate occasions to take pictures. The first occasion was a bit of a fail, but we had fun in Saint Paul goofing off. The second time, we brought a friend along to press the shutter button. These are the two keepsakes from the hours of attempts.

Engagement Pic Engagement Pic_1

However, we ended up booking our wedding photographer and she said that she includes a complimentary engagement photo session with her pricing. So we recently decided to actually have those done. Here are some of our favorites:

DSC_9871untitled8154 DSC_9882untitled8162 DSC_9939untitled8218 DSC_9976untitled8255 DSC_9995untitled8274

I hope you like the pictures – I think they’re great! Thank you so much Caitlin Peterson Photography!

Now Trevor + I are off to another session of premarital counseling….Only 16 days!

XO Elisebeth


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