Strange Ways

So – I know I hinted about a post about my bridal shower for today, but I just have to share something else instead. It popped up and I can’t help but tell you all.

Yesterday I found out my nanny job will be ending a week earlier than originally anticipated-meaning this is my last week with the boys. After finding this out, I had some mixed feelings. I have really struggled at this job honestly, but at the same time I am really enjoying it (plus the pay is good). I immediately Facebook messaged my GM at Pizza Ranch and let her know I could pick up some shifts for next week, so hopefully I can still make some money that week.

This morning on my way to work, I was waiting at a stoplight. Driving the ’94 Toyota Camry is always an adventure – it purrs when you’re stopped. Today the purrs were going and then they changed and the RPM gauge changed quickly. Then she died. Thank goodness the light didn’t change that second. I immediately put on my hazards and called my dad. I tried waving the people behind me around so that they wouldn’t just sit there, too bad no one caught on. My dad arrived in about 5 minutes (I think). He and two guys from church pushed the car to the nearby parking lot. Thankfully no one had anything on the calendar for today, because I’m sitting here at work with the van in the driveway.

My family can’t afford a new car. We’ve never bought new vehicles-only ever used. The Camry used to be my grandparents and we bought from them. My family is in the middle of trying to buy a house in Portage, where they are moving. So car payments can’t really be added on right now.

God works in some really strange ways; but I’m thinking me not working at my nanny job next week was a way to help us get through only having one car for a bit. Katherine and I can both be dropped off at Pizza Ranch, or Trevor can help out with rides. My mom works from home and doesn’t have any doctor appointments coming up for a bit. My dad works across the street. While the situation of only having one car isn’t ideal-we’ll figure it out. God’s already got it in our plans, and we’ll be okay.


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