Lifest 2015

This past weekend, Trevor and I were given the wonderful opportunity to go down to Lifest in Oshkosh, WI. We both work for the company Pizza Ranch – which is a sponsor of Lifest. Our GMs gave us two free full event passes and hospitality bracelets for the event (WE LOVE YOU LORI & TODD).

Thursday, neither of us worked so we made it down by around 4 pm after we went and got our marriage license. (woohoo!) When we made it down we found out we could get free parking due to our sponsor bracelets – the great things just kept coming our way. We saw Loftland, Francesca Battistelli, Remedy Drive, and Newsboys. All were amazing!

At least he took ONE good picture, right? 😉
He’s the best!
A very bad picture from Newsboys

Saturday we made it back down to see Skillet – they were fantastic as always! If I could be any famous artist, I would be Jen Ledger. She is such a boss! On Saturday, we also found the holy hospitality tent. We had searched all of Thursday for it. Of course, it was in the one location we never made it to. But we found it on Saturday! I enjoyed some free water and free Diet Pepsi. Trevor got a free Vita Ice. They also had awesome seating for the show, but we decided to take the full crowd experience.

IMG_1078 IMG_1077 IMG_1075 IMG_1074God has been so good to Trevor and I through our time at Pizza Ranch. I don’t think I could ever thank the company enough.

Also – I am a little behind on posts. This really should have been posted yesterday & tomorrow’s post (that hopefully gets finished today) about my bridal shower should be today. But I think you all will forgive my busyness and let it go. 🙂


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