This past year my roommate, Anna was selling Jamberry nail products. I had heard about them over the summer from a friend from CUW – so I looked more extensively through the products than I had over the summer.

I knew I wanted to figure out what to do with my nails for my upcoming wedding, so that’s what I went into the catalog with in mind.

I picked out an awesome pattern called Chantilly, which you can find on page 21 of their latest catalog. So I originally intended to wear these for the big day. But then I was talking with Ana about a week ago about manicures. I’ve never had one done and so I decided this is when I’m going to treat myself, now or never-right?!

But I had already bought my Jamberry nails-so what to do with them?! Well today I had my bridal shower (more details to come soon) – so last night the brilliant idea hit me to use my Jamberry nails for this event! It’s still wedding related and the nails worked perfectly with my dress. Last night I applied a nude color from Sephora as my underlayer and then applied my clear Jamberry nail! The result is fantastic, and I could not be happier!


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