Tried it Thursday {Escort Cards}

I am currently in (what I deemed) the details phase of wedding planning. The big day is only 24 days away! So at this point I am solidifying previous ideas and making a lot of purchases at craft stores. In fact – earlier this week I was out buying materials for about 4 hours!

Last week I followed someone else’s DIY project and let you all know how it went. I was planning on doing that this week as well, but I am going to save that for next week, so instead you all get to read about my own DIY experience!

I got the idea to do jam jars with various flavors as my wedding favors from a wedding I went to last October. While I have yet to actually use the jam – I think the idea is perfect! My grandma is a jam expert and volunteered to make some for me. She asked me for what types Trevor and I wanted and all I told her was strawberry – so we’ll see if she sticks to that or decides to add more (sometimes she just does what she wants…).

Anyway. I was thinking about how I can make sure that each person takes a jam so there aren’t a hundred left over jams. Of course! Put their names on it! So I am using my jams as escort cards. Which brings us to today’s DIY: escort cards.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been buying a lot of items from craft stores lately – this particular purchase came from Hobby Lobby. I bought three packs of large circle blank designer tags. Unfortunately they don’t appear to sell the exact ones I bought online, but here is a picture of one of my packages.


I bought two packs of the craft paper kind and one pack of plain white. They were $1.99 each so the purchase was $5.97 + tax.

The great thing about this project is that is all you need! So one simple purchase at Hobby Lobby and you’re ready to go.

I first emptied out my three packets into piles. This was just because I prefer to be organized and get things done efficiently. Honestly you could have them all spread out if you want. Below is a picture of my set up. The lowest pile is my completed pile.


I found my best “flowy” pen. I have been practicing “fake calligraphy” as of late. So basically just fancy cursive. This type of handwriting is how I addressed all of the wedding invitations, and I wanted to carry that through to the rest of the paper products. Here is a step by step look through pictures at writing out the escort tags.

Escort Card

As you can see – it’s a very simple + easy process! I love how these are all turning out and cannot wait to see the finished products on the jam jars! I will post pictures of those once that happens.

Happy Crafting!
xo Elisebeth


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