In The Works

Today marks 4 weeks until the wedding, which means only 1 week until my bridal shower! I cannot believe this wedding event is only a week away.

Ana and I met on Thursday to discuss some details for both events. I am quite glad that things are coming along and that Ana has been helping me plan (even though she’s simultaneously planning her own).

My mom soon after went to the grocery store and started buying candy for the candy bar at the wedding! However, peach rings and sour gummy worms still need to be bought…

Today I worked on some signage for a few of the games that will be a part of the shower! I also bought an adorable basket that will work as a cardbox for the wedding. It’s dual purpose because it can work for the bridal shower for the “Advice for the Future Bride and Groom” area.

I am so thankful all of the details are coming into place, it is so awesome to have your efforts come together and be seen! The wedding will be even better I am sure – and all of the stress will be over with!


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