With the wedding quickly approaching, I keep getting asked how many days or weeks it is away. Honestly I can hardly keep track of that with what I have left to do.

I’m eternally seeing numbers now – how many people have RSVP’d yes or no, how many people have not responded yet, how many people are for dinner, how many favors need to be made, how many gifts need to be bought, how many days until my bridal shower, etc!

The lists are somehow increasing in length as I check things off. I think the last six weeks of planning will be the most painful. Last night I was so incredibly frustrated with things. I cannot wait for this to just be done and to be married.

Also, sorry for these short rant posts. I just need to get this stuff out somewhere so my head doesn’t explode. Soon I’ll post pictures of some of the decor for the wedding that has been made and bought!


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