Blogs & Instagram 

Today I decided to scroll for Instagram, like every other day. I came across this Fab Bloggers post. It’s a circle of bloggers who ask questions and generate conversation with other bloggers. So I went through a good chunk of the circle posts and answered questions. 

One of them asked who our favorite bloggers are. 

This has an obvious answer for me. 

I used to blog through Blogger before switching to WordPress. I still check my Blogger account for one reason-to check on the blogs I followed through that account. My favorite of the ones I follow is Absolutely Arkansas by a beautiful lady named Kylie. 

She’s always blogging about the adorable DIY tasks she’s doing to beautify her home. It makes me wish I was craftier. I started following her blog over a year ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to blogs. Originally I think I found her through a video referenced on Pinterest dealing with hair products. I’m always looking for solutions to make mine healthier. 

So after I posted on Instagram that she’s my go to blog, she posted this comment on one of my pictures.  

And just as much as my comment made her day, her comment made mine!

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll catch a plane to Arkansas and meet my blog idol. 😉


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