These Children

I am having quite a hard time at my summer job as nanny so far.

I watched the twins two summers ago and they loved me. They got along great and listened to me super well.

This summer, that isn’t true. I’m not just watching the twins, I’m also watching their younger brother. He seems to bring out the bad and mischievous nature in them.

Pretty much all of my texts and Snapchats while I’m working are about how these kids are making me have a quarter life crisis about whether or not I actually want kids or to become a teacher…

Maybe I’m just not meant to be a nanny – or to have three kids.

So what’s my new game plan for the rest of my life? Who knows… Maybe put off having kids for longer than I originally thought. Maybe just work in a daycare in an infant room. Maybe skip the education field entirely and become a Caribou barista. Who knows…


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