Planning Update

Life just got busy.

Last night I broke down and told my mom I really want a bridal shower. I haven’t really been feeling like I’m actually getting married lately – and that is something that everyone is supposed to get, right?! It took a lot of persuading.

My family is moving to Portage, WI, so that’s been the only thing on their minds lately. It kinda sucks that this came up. So much for having my big day be about Trevor and me. Instead it’ll be about how it’s my family’s last weekend in the Green Bay area.

Anyway – I eventually got my mom to cave and she decided that yes, I can in fact have a bridal shower. However, I’m planning most of it. Which to me, is absolutely ridiculous. She then reminded me that normally a bride’s friends plan one. Thank you, mother, for reminding me that I only have like two friends here. Such a lovely sentiment. But whatever, I’m gunna milk this whole being a bride thing while I can. You only get married once!

So now my “wedding to-do list” just extended. I guess I should probably get back to actually planning things again.


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