Wow – it is June already! How can that be?

It amazes me how insanely quickly this year has been going by. Will life always continue on this quickly?

I have less than two months until Trevor and I get married! I cannot wait until that day comes, however, there is so much left to do. I just keep saying, ‘wow’ about it all.

This month will be crazy alone. I begin nannying the boys on Monday. I’ll be watching twin 8-year-olds boys and their 5-year-old brother. I will spend a lot of time this summer with them: 7am-4pm Mondays through Thursdays. 36 hours a week until the third week in July. The family is being kind enough to accommodate accordingly to wedding plans and has another sitter lined up for the rest of the summer. I am excited to see the boys again and see how much they have grown!

Here’s to an awesome month of June!


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