Life Events

These past few weeks seem to have held a lot of major life events for people I know.

I had a friend from grade school get married last week. They went somewhere tropical for their honeymoon – I am extremely jealous.

A classmate from grade school had a baby girl yesterday. Wow. We shouldn’t be old enough to reproduce yet, right?

A girl I went to high school with got engaged this past week. Seeing the pictures reminds me of when Trevor and I first got engaged. Although, we still haven’t seen all of those pictures  yet…

One of my roommates also got engaged recently and told us before the “official” Facebook post. I warned her of the soon to be most asked question of her month – “Do you have a date set yet?” She told me she’d already heard it from every family member she had enlightened about the big news.

It’s crazy that all of this stuff happened so close together. When did we become old enough to have so many life changing events happen to us? I feel like we should all still be sitting in 4th grade, taking a spelling test… Life is going by so quickly lately. I can’t decide if I like it or not.


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