Memorial Day Weekend

I have had quite the thrilling start of summer – jk.

My days have been spent in front of Netflix, watching either Friends or Gilmore Girls. While watching I am either a) blogging, b) editing pictures, c) planning future photoshoots, or d) playing either Solitaire or Riddle Stones.

Memorial Day Weekend was spent primarily at Celebrate De Pere. Saturday was my first time there and so Trevor showed me around. We were snuck behind the main stage with a guy from a band that Trevor knows. He told us to look for Jeff because he was in charge. We ended up knowing Jeff from when he worked at Pizza Ranch – so he gave us backstage passes. I’ve never felt so cool in my whole life. We took photos for a Journey cover band – Separate Ways. I was singin along the whole way. I loved listening to them as I took photos. It was quite a great experience. Then later that night The Romantics took the stage! We got some killer photos of them! I ended up shooting over 1000 pictures – a new high for me! Then, on Sunday the forecast called for rain all day. But we made our way over to the grounds anyway, hoping to shoot for Lonestar after a few local bands. Due to heavy downpour, we stuck around to shoot for a total of about 30 minutes. We snagged some plastic bags from a food stand as a part of the festival. I only had one hair tie – so I made sure to use it myself 😉 We fashioned ourselves some makeshift sleeves for the cameras and the lenses. It was a bit of a letdown honestly. Red Clover Band was fun to shoot for and Trevor knows them quite well. However, I was really hoping to shoot Lonestar. But I was soaked! There was no way I was staying in the cold rain for several hours for them.

Either way – I really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot these great bands.

I am excited for the future photo projects I have lined up!


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