Today is an awesome day.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my photography and creating a business out of it. This is certainly not something I foresaw myself pursuing – but I’m glad I have!

Today I have my first paid session: a maternity session! I am incredibly excited! We are doing a set of outdoor shots, as well as some in home while and after she has henna done on her belly. This shoot will be an awesome way to get my work out there even more than it is currently.

I am continuously encouraged by those I take pictures of. It astonishes me the support they have given me and how far they are able to help me promote my work.

I don’t typically charge much for photo sessions. I understand that not many people have money to spare on photos. But I appreciate those that are able to meet my full, set price. Considering all of the work I have shot thus first has been family or friends – I haven’t charged anyone yet. But coming into this summer I finally set prices.

More in regards to photography – Trevor and I bought a new lens! This is my first, personal investment into photography. All of the rest of the items I use for equipment are actually Trevor’s. We purchased a Tamron 24-70 mm, and it’s supposed to come in the mail today! First test run will be at Chelsey’s in home shots.

Here’s to a wonderful day! I hope you all enjoy yours as much as I shall enjoy mine. 🙂


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