Today I worked on cleaning out some of the drawers in my desk at home. When we moved to Green Bay, they were basically where I threw all of my memorabilia from vacations and from my life in Minnesota. However, after the wedding in August, I am moving to Saint Paul and I don’t plan to leave too much behind at my parents’ house when I do so.  So the process of cleaning my room has begun!

The motivation for working on the desk drawers came from my inability to move my desk from where it was located in my room. Yes, there was that much crap in there.

I came across a black notebook. I figured it was a journal of sorts, however I opened it and there were a few traced pictures (I suck at drawing-that’s how I know they are traced and not free hand). I looked further in the notebook and came across a story I had written..

While I was younger, I really aspired to become a writer. I was always writing random little stories in notebooks. A lot of them I have come across and had some good laughs reading.

This one I didn’t remember though.

It was about a character named “Emilee Holland”. I obviously really sucked at coming up with character names and used my own name for inspiration. I read through the story and quickly realized that I was writing about my experience moving from Vernon Center MN to La Crescent MN. As I read, all of the moments written about were clearly brought to the front of my memory.

I guess writing has been my stress outlet for a while now. (I am guessing that this story dates back to about fifth or sixth grade, based on my penmanship similarities to notes I also found). Writing these stories were how I coped with my move. Now, I write on here and that’s how I handle stress (except right now I’m not stressed-I’m just bored).

It’s kind of cool looking back over these old stories and notes and viewing my life back then. It is crazy to see everything that has happened since then. Now, all I have to do is look back through old blogposts.


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