So my wedding is less than three months away-woah!

I am absolutely thrilled that we are under the 100 day mark (double digits baby)!

So this past Sunday, my roommates and I worked on creating some decorations for the wedding. I had run some ideas by Trevor and I couldn’t really gauge his thoughts, so I went for it.

Anna (left) working on doily garland & Katrina (right) cutting out triangles for bunting.
Katrina loves her crafting task!

We started out making bunting. I do not have a sewing machine here unfortunately, so I had to make do and buy some Liquid Stitch.

I made templates in advance, so Katrina and I could just pin them down and cut out our fabric! I had been shopping for fabric for weeks. Target had some options I liked, but Trevor wasn’t a fan. We had kind of reached a dead end, since we didn’t need much. We were at Bride to Be Consignment when we found our answer. They had a bunch of table runners for sale. I found some in a grey/silver color. They were marked down to $1.25 a piece! I grabbed two, not knowing how much fabric I would need.

We cut out 12 “large” triangles and 19 “small” triangles. I don’t remember the exact dimensions, but I created my own templates, which was super simple.

Anna brought some tissue paper from home and worked on tassles. We followed this awesome tutorial I found on Pinterest (you can find it here). It was super simple, and the results are fantastic!

Fun with Fringe!
Anna hard at work (on project #2!)
Finished Fringe #vsco

The first batch, there was an error in one of the cuts, so Katie and I messed around with them. Still pretty cute though, right?

Anna also did some super cute doily garland for me! I dubbed her crafter of the night! She made it through two whole projects! You can find a tutorial here. It’s basically what we did, except that we used glue instead of double-sided tape.

Doily Garland

So what was Katie doing during craft night? We placed her in charge of PIZZA DUTY! She ordered us a delicious pizza and garlic knots from Papa Johns. We are forever grateful for the time and commitment she put into her task. 🙂

Katie (right) & Me (left) with some delicious pizza

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