To Do

The end of the semester is insight! This leads to both a joyous and terrifying feeling (as every college student can relate to).

Finals are next week, which means this week is equivalent to hell. I have two projects due, but other than that it’s small assignments with readings attached. The finals themselves aren’t appearing to be overly scary yet. But we’ll see once I find out more about them.

Part of me loves the end of the school year. It means that summer is nearly here and I can take a break from forced readings and assignments. It means I will have more me-time. It means I can stay up later at night and not regret the decision instantly the next morning. However, part of me dislikes the end of the school year. I love to learn-that’s why I’m becoming a teacher. You’re constantly problem solving and learning new things. I also love the social interaction of school. I live with three wonderful ladies, and I know May 8th will be my last day doing that. I also have loads of packing I have to do. Some will go into the storage facility Trevor and I are renting for the summer, but most will journey back to Green Bay with me. The end of the school year always brings a seemingly endless to do list.

I’m definitely a list maker. Trevor got me hooked on an iPhone app called “Wunderlist.” If you’re a list maker, I highly suggest this app. You can create tons of different task lists. You can share lists with other app users, and assign them tasks. Trevor probably hates that I discovered this feature. However, it eases my wedding planning stress by assigning things to him. The app has been oh so helpful with my end of the school year lists as well. Take a look here to use the online version!


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