I am the queen of overcommitment. I hate saying “no” to things and love being involved. I do not enjoy being bored or sitting around and having nothing to do, why else would I run two blogs? 😉

However, sometimes this backfires on me. This past year I was working two part time jobs, attending school full time, and planning a wedding. I realized how negatively it was impacting my relationships with friends and my fiance, how it disrupted my mood, and how I was having a rough time with sleep, time management, and stress. I stopped working one of my jobs, the one that was causing the most stress, even though I was getting a lot of good experience from it. I knew I needed to have something removed so I could have time to breath.

My wedding planning has luckily not been a huge place of stress. Don’t get me wrong, I do get frustrated over stuff often, you can ask Trevor. But it is not nearly as negatively stressful as I would have anticipated. I will admit that I am excited for the planning to be over though. We’re under the four month mark!

Stress is not a bad thing. You need stress. The key component though, is how you handle stress. I am working at becoming better at stress management, but I also know it is important for me to leave wiggle room. If I push myself too far, old habits could pop up and set me back farther. Thankfully I have been able to stay on track and notice “red flags” as they pop up and take care of them soon rather than later.

More importantly, I have been leaving time for me. I have time for myself to do things. Lately, that has meant time to read my Bible more, to read other books for fun, to work on my Doctor Who puzzle (which I finally finished), to watch Netflix, to spend time with my fiance and not be stressed. It has been wonderful to have this time where I am not constantly dwelling on what needs to get done. I am more appreciative of time in general now.


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