I am a huge Doctor Who fan. My mother has transformed me into a true Whovian.  The other day we watched the episode, “Vincent and the Doctor.” It is probably my mom’s favorite episode, and is one of mine as well. At the end of the episode the Doctor and Amy bring Vincent Van Gogh to their present time and show him his work so that he continues to paint. The Doctor asks a tour guide for his personal opinion on the brilliance of Van Gogh.

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The guide goes on to say the huge impact of his work and how he may have been one of the greatest men of all time. Van Gogh overhears the man’s comments and is moved to tears. This is my favorite part of the episode.

Van Gogh struggled with symptoms that appear to have been associated with depression, and spent time in an asylum. While I know Doctor Who is not real, this is one of those cases that I really wish it was. To see someone’s lives impacted by knowing their future was going to be remembered would be a fascinating thing.

I used to want to be remembered after I died. I mean, obviously I still would like to be remembered in some way, but my priorities have shifted now. I used to want to become a famous singer, or an author, or an illustrator. There were so many odd aspirations I had. All of which I was subpar in my capabilities of performing anyway.

Now, I have become more realistic with my abilities and God-given talents. Now I have reassessed these attributes I have and yearn to be remembered for being a good wife and mother, and for being a good teacher and example to my peers and young children that will come into my life.

What do you want to be remembered for? How do you plan to accomplish these goals? Will you need a push like Van Gogh did in Doctor Who?


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